Ldesign Bluetooth FM Transmitter Reviews

What do you think of, when you imagine your dream girl? Slim and fit, beautiful eyes, glamorous face and blah blah blah. In a similar note, Ldesign Bluetooth Transmitter is famous for its eloquent design, and it’s unique feature. Ldesign ‘design’ in its name taken carefully and made with a peculiar design.

Amazon Review = 4.1 out of 5

ldesign bluetooth fm transmitter review

The design is not the only factor; Ldesign Bluetooth Transmitter is famous for. We have dug a little deeper and found it’s features which is making this transmitter the Amazon’s best choice.

Let me ask, What do you look for when you buy your first Bluetooth FM Transmitter. Of course, a design comes first in your mind. Then what? You must look for the following features.

  • Bluetooth version and its capability
  • How to adjust FM Transmitter
  • Compatibility
  • Music Play Mode
  • Hands-free technology

Let’s discuss as if these features are included in Ldesign or not.

Ldesign Bluetooth FM Transmitter Reviews

1. Design – Rating 5.0

ldesign red bluetooth fm transmitter

LED display on its top screen, blinking with a blue digit makes this transmitter more ravishing. Ldesign is ‘L’ in shape which comes in different colors like Gold, Black, Grey, and Red. Distinctive colors add glamour to its design.

Henceforth, You can choose your favorite color while buying this transmitter.


2. Bluetooth Version – Rating 4.0

Ldesign uses Bluetooth 2.1 version. Although Bluetooth 2.1 is the primitive version, it is sufficient to stream your music flawlessly in your car. Since this transmitter uses A2DB technology, it can offer a high-quality sound for talking and music playing.

And the most important feature is, You will have a stable and easy pairing with another Bluetooth device.


3. How to adjust FM Transmitter? – Rating 5.0

What is the use of FM Transmitter, if it is troublesome to adjust? Ldesign is most probably easy to adjust. You need to insert the transmitter into the lighter socket of your car, match the frequency of your car and transmitter and can play the music using your smartphone.

A frequency range in this transmitter ranges from 87.5 to 108 MHZ, which is enough to play the wide range of music in your car using different frequencies.


4. Compatibility – Rating 5.0

Do you buy Bluetooth transmitter that is compatible only with iPod? Hell! Not. Ldesign is unique for its broad compatibility. You can use this transmitter with every other Bluetooth enabled devices like iPad, iPod, Tablets, and smartphones.


5. Music Play Mode – Rating 5.0

It isn’t guaranteed you will always have your favorite music playlist on your smartphone. You can have your music playlist in your pen drive, SD card, iPod etc.

If it is so, Ldesign is the best transmitter for you. It has 4 modes of playing music.

  • Play music via SD-CARD
  • Play music via 3.5 mm Audio cable
  • Play music via Bluetooth
  • Play music via USB Flash Drive


6. Hands-Free Technology – Rating 5.0

Why take the risk while driving a car by using your hand on your phone? The hands-free technology minimizes the risk by helping you to talk to anyone without using your hand. This is the must-have technology in every Bluetooth FM transmitter.

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According to our experience using this Bluetooth FM transmitter, we will give 4.8 stars out of 5. We are much fascinated by its design and its features. Later on, we hope it will update its Bluetooth version. Overall, Ldesign is the most suitable transmitter if you are looking for the FM transmitter in the market.

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