How to make TV Bluetooth Capable?

Is your TV older than you! Then, your TV might lack Bluetooth capabilities. In this post, we will be discussing How to make TV Bluetooth capable.

Let us first know why Bluetooth is needed on TV.  Imagine you want to use Headphone especially wireless headphones while watching TV. It isn’t possible to use wireless headphone if there is no Bluetooth device attached to it.

Wired Headphone can be used but you need to sit nearer to the TV. You can’t enjoy much, watching TV sitting nearer to it. Thus, you need Wireless Headphone.

There is a simple way to make your TV capable of wireless connectivity and it is using Transmitter. Yes, you heard it right Bluetooth Transmitter.

What transmitter normally does?

best bluetooth transmitter for tv

A transmitter is a small compact electronic device that transmits data wirelessly to another device which might be your headphone.

Bluetooth Transmitter for TV comes with an audio jack. You need to connect the audio jack to the audio input port of the TV and eventually switch on the Transmitter. Wola! your TV is wireless now.

Alternatively, you can use USB Bluetooth Device, if your TV support USB port. It is also simple to use. Just connect the USB Bluetooth Device to the USB port of the TV and consequently, it starts emitting a wireless frequency.

The best Bluetooth USB device to use is Yetor.

Why Yetor?


  • Low Latency Delay.
  • It will send Audio to more than one Bluetooth device. Thus, you can enjoy watching TV in more than one Headphone.
  • It is easy to use. No complex setup method.
  • Transmission distance is greater than 32 ft which is the best option for using in a home.

That’s it. These are the two best and simple ways to convert your non-Bluetooth TV into a Bluetooth TV.

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