Best FM Broadcast Transmitter With Antenna

Have you ever tried broadcasting your voice on air? Do you know how to broadcast your voice on air? If not, In this post, we will discuss the best FM broadcast transmitter for the particular purpose.

Using FM Transmitter, Not only your voice, you can broadcast your favorite music playlist on air and listen to it through the specific frequency range.

Why Broadcasting FM? Why

1. For streaming Music

Let’s suppose you have your favorite music playlist on your computer and you want to listen to that music on your mobile phone while you are going out. What should you do?

Using FM Transmitter can help you achieve the goal. What you need to undertake is, connect the computer audio port with transmitter audio port using audio cable and play the music on your computer. And using specific frequency range, broadcast it using the transmitter. Voila! You can stream your favorite music to your mobile phone by tuning to that frequency.

2. For transmitting your voice on air

Why always listen to the other voices. Don’t you like to broadcast your own voice? For doing so, you need a microphone. Subsequently, connect it to the mic port. Specify the frequency range in the transmitter and broadcast it. For listening to that voice, tune in to the same FM frequency range.

Isn’t that impressive? Huh

Some of the useful things to consider before broadcasting FM:

  • In some countries, there is a strict restriction in using some specific frequency. Thus, you need to figure out the free frequency range before broadcasting FM.
  • You can place the antenna on the roof in order to expand the FM Transmission range.

Top 5 FM Broadcast Transmitter with Antenna

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Let’s discuss this transmitter in a more detailed way:

1. TIVDIO Dual Mode Long Range Wireless FM Transmitter

tivdio fm broadcast transmitter


TIVDIO is one of the best transmitter if you are broadcasting your FM within the range of 3-4 KM. It is a low power FM transmitter designed with advanced modulation system. One of the notable features included in this device is

  • Built-in PLL Frequency
  • Audio pre-emphasis
  • Limiter &
  • Low pass filter circuit

It has a built-in audio line as well as MIC input. Thus, you can broadcast your music through connecting the audio cable to the transmitter and computer. In the other hand, you can broadcast your voice by connecting MIC to MIC input.

It comes with strong magnetic sucker antenna and advanced TNC antenna connector which can be stretched up to 1150mm length. Hence, it can be placed on the roof, balcony or the window. It will definitely expand your wireless transmission range and prevents from tipping.

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2. Signstek Dual Mode FM Transmitter review

signstek fm transmitter


Signstek Dual Mode FM Transmitter is the Amazons’ best choice and the best FM Transmitter available in the market. It is based on plug and play method and is very easy to use.

It is small in size in comparison to the TIVDIO FM transmitter. Sound quality is better in this transmitter due to control circuit board design and amplifier design. It uses control panel button to control the frequency. Thus, It will avoid any needs to reset the FM Transmitter


  • Transmission distance is only 300m. It must be in the line of sight or in an open land.

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3. FMUSER FM Transmitter review

fmuser fm transmitter

FMUSER FM transmitter is mainly used transmitter during Christmas light show, meeting, driving car broadcasting, village broadcast radio, speech, concert and tourist guiding.

This transmitter is #3 on our list due to it’s coolest feature

Integration of SDCARD mp3 reader

No need to invest huge money on the computer. Alternatively, you can insert your sd card and transmit mp3 in the specific frequency range.

Integration of Bluetooth and rechargeable battery power function

You can connect your mobile phone with Bluetooth and can stream the lively music.

Memorisation of Current settings

This transmitter will automatically start from the previous setting when the transmitter is switched on.

Aren’t they the cool feature?

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4. Signstek Long Range FM Transmitter review

signstek fm

Signstek Long Range Transmitter is functionally similar to the TIVDIO FM Transmitter. But in comparison, it is cheaper than TIVDIO. It is a low power FM transmitter having transmission distance of up to  3-4 Km in the open air.

It incorporates the following features:

  • Built-In PLL frequency
  • Audio pre-emphasis
  • Limiter and Low pass filter circuit

It comes with the strong magnetic antenna which can be placed on the roof of the car or in any metal flat objects. TNC antenna connector can be used to expand the range of this transmitter. It can be stretched up to 1150mm length.

Similarly, it contains audio line and MIC input to transmit voice as well as music. High-fidelity Bluetooth makes crystal clear sound in this transmitter.

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5. CZH-CZE FM Transmitter reviews

czh-cze fm transmitter

CZH-CZE FM Transmitter is the #5 best transmitter in our list. This transmitter is made up of high-quality aluminum. Using this transmitter, you can switch the transmitting power between  1W and 7W which is one of the superb features of this device.

It comes with TNC type antenna which will surely expand the transmission range. The frequency range in this device ranges from 76 ~ 108Mhz.

Phase Lock Loop (PLL) System is also another essential feature of this device.

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In conclusion, TIVDIO Dual Mode Long Range Wireless FM Transmitter is the best FM Broadcast Transmitter.  We have reviewed all these transmitters based on its Transmission Distance, Price, Rating and its feature.

If you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to contact us.

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