Best Wireless hdmi Transmitter and Receiver kit Reviews

Let’s imagine you are sitting in your bedroom, and your TV is located in your living room. You want to watch BBC News on your TV which is present in your bedroom. What sort of thing is possible to do to watch News on your TV. Of course, using set-top box is a viable way. But it cost you way too higher to use two set-top boxes. Alternatively, you can use long range video transmitter.

HDMI cable is connected to the extender, and it will transmit the video signal to another tv wirelessly which is located in the bedroom. Thus in this post, I am sharing the best long-range video transmitter suitable for the home.

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But before diving into best video transmitter, let’s see the things to consider before buying any video transmitter:

1. Video quality check
Today is the era of 4k Quality. Nobody watches 3gp video format these days. Thus, you must check, which quality of the video does the device support. At least, it must support resolution of 1080P quality.

2.Latency check
Video Transmitter must have low latency. It means that video gets synchronized without any delay and it has perfect lip synchronization.

3.Wireless check
Some device may not support wireless capability. If you are annoyed by watching wires everywhere, you must check the wireless capability.

4.Device support and Range check
Some video transmitter might not support a gaming console or laptop or projector. Thus, you must check as if it is supported on every device.

And Finally, you must buy a long-range transmitter.



1. Nyrius Aries Prime Review

nyrius video transmitter

Nyrius Aries Prime is the best video transmitter for home or offices. It is easy to use and has zero latency. It means you can watch the HD videos flawlessly without getting buffered.

It supports digital audio as well as high definition 3d video. Therefore, you can watch movies and tv shows from your laptop, pc, and mac to your TV.

The wireless range of this device is 30ft which must be in a line of sight. It is perfect for the laptop due to its low profile design.

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2. Fivehome Wireless HDMI Extender review

wireless hdmi

Wireless HDMI extender is another best video transmitter for home. It is based on plug and play method. No need to install any software. It works with most HDMI-equipped devices, including Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, AV receivers, cable/satellite boxes, and computer systems.

This device will definitely expand your viewing range. It wirelessly sends HDMI A/V signals up to 328 feet through line-of-sight environments.

It supports high definition quality video and if you buy this device, you will get 18-month warranty card.

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3. J-tech digital hdmi extender Review

jtech video transmitter


J-Tech digital will transmit HD video up to the range of 164ft. It comes with the dual antenna and has the most fluent video due to stable transmission

It supports two receivers. The transmitter sends video to two receivers and is helpful for broadcasting it to two TV.

It supports PCM audio pass throught. The delay latency of this transmitter is 0.4s which is good for video playback.


  • Doesn’t support Dolby sound
  • Not suitable for gaming and real-time shooting.

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4. Gofanco HDMI Extender


If you are ok with transmitting videos using wires, Gofanco HDMI extender might be your most superb choice. It comes with transmitter and receiver. You can use a CAT5/6/7 cable to connect both transmitter and receiver and hence you can watch the video.

Since it is working with wire, there is a lossless transmission. Hence you can watch HD videos without any buffering. One of the benefits of buying this device is digital audio. You can hear  Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio.

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5.  Iogear gw3dhdkit review  Iogear gwhd11

IOGEAR is the last but not the least video transmitter. This transmitter can be the best companion for your home. It can transmit high definition video and audio up to the range of 150 ft. It supports the resolution of 1080P. Thus, you can watch HD quality video on your TV.

It is easy to use and is based on plug and play method. One of the important functions supported in this device is, infrared remote signal transmission to control source device.

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In conclusion,  Nyrius prime is the best video transmitter and is at the top of our list. It doesn’t mean, other video transmitters aren’t good.  We have reviewed these devices based on their price, rating, and functions. Go and buy the most efficient one.

If you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to contact us.

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